Your Roof

It’s important that you understand the components that make up your roof so that you can recognize problems should they arise. You should also be aware of warning signs that your roof needs repair.

flashings, roofing cement, ventilation, valley treatment, edge treatment, eaves protector, underlayment, shingles

This picture shows the components that make up your roof.

Roofing Components


  1. Flashings Protect areas vulnerable to leaks: skylights, vents, chimneys, etc.
  2. Roofing Cement Ideal to hand tab shingles and also to waterproof effectively around areas vulnerable to leaks.
  3. Ventilation The building code requires all roof structures be provided with proper ventilation.
  4. Valley Treatment Stops damage due to snow and ice build-up.
  5. Edge Treatment For efficient water shedding at the roof’s edge.
  6. Eaves Protector Waterproofing membrane provides necessary protection against winter freeze/thaw cycles.
  7. Underlayment Sheds water that may be driven under the shingles by high winds.
  8. Shingles Determine the ultimate longevity of the roof.


Warning Signs


The following warning signs indicate that your roof needs immediate attention. If you know or suspect you may have any of them, request a free quote today.